Despite the historic flooding, run-ins with coyotes and a 4.8 magnitude earthquake I experienced while on the phone with Dante, I am settling in nicely here in Los Angeles. The well-wishes from so many of you have been deeply appreciated and I wanted to offer an update on things now that I am here:

Move logistics: To the utter dismay of many, Khrista and I did not use this as an opportunity to traverse route 66 and see the country. The time, gas, hotel money, dog planning, packed car, etc. was just too much of a hurdle. Instead, Khrista, Mia and I flew with four checked bags each, shipped the car and packed a Uhaul pod with most of our possessions. This strategy was surprisingly cost-effective and easy; proud to report that nothing was damaged or broken during the transport. Prior to leaving, we bought a few Apple Airtags and got a kick out of tracking the car and Uhaul pod’s progress as they made their ways across our beautiful country (picture below).

The work: We are up early in the Schulte household! Khrista is needed in the operating room by 6am each morning and I aim to sign on to the computer by 5:30am so our alarm blasts at 4:30am. Luckily, both of us are morning people and it’s nice to have the time together before starting the day. As mentioned in previous articles, my day-to-day is unchanged by design. Between client/partner meetings, case reviews and projects I get plenty of Dad jokes from Alex, health tips from Nick and sports updates from Dante. What is strange, however, is having free time in the afternoon starting around 3pm PST. I’ve been going for long walks to explore, played pickup basketball, walked 9 holes and unpacked, but I am always shocked when looking down at my watch and seeing a pre-dinner time. As you can imagine, by 8pm Khrista and I are bushed and settled in for a full night’s sleep.

The family & fun: My two nieces still can’t believe we live here. After years of making trips out to LA and the subsequent heartbreak of leaving for the airport without knowing when we’d return, naturally they are dubious. But alas we have been part of ballet rehearsal, family shopping trips and weekend adventures to see some new parts of the state. So far, I would say the best part – outside of being closer to family – was reuniting with two of our dearest friends Hanna & Kyle. If you remember, Kyle was one of my old roommates from Boston circa 2017 (key player in the couch moving debacle) but moved back to the LA area in 2020. Now we are neighbors yet again and are continuing our fun together as if we’d never been apart.

There are still plenty of boxes to unpack, areas to decorate, places to get lost, but what I am most excited for is this weekend’s PGA event down the road at Riviera Country Club. Like the commercial from years ago, if I am blessed with a nearby grass divot carved out by the one and only Tiger Woods, it will become the centerpiece and focal point of our apartment’s décor – that is, until Khrista throws it away…

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