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Napier Financial is a full-service wealth manager. We help mitigate risk, invest your money, save on taxes, plan for your financial independence, and plan your estate to include estate tax reduction, business sale or succession and trust maintenance through a collaborative, integrative approach.


It’s your life and it’s your money. And like everyone else, you only have 168 hours per week to pursue what you want. You’re the owner of your finances. We are prepared to serve as the head coach to make sure that all of your advisors are on the same page.


You will have real clarity as it relates to your financial future, as well as a clear understanding of your options. You will have a complete roadmap with clear milestones. We will meet with you several times each year to ensure that your questions are answered and new issues are addressed.


We listen. We want to hear what you have to say. We want to hear about your financial and life goals, your dreams, and what’s keeping you up at night. We won’t use a lot of industry jargon – we’ll speak in a language that’s easy to understand. Our team is always here for you; if it matters most to you and your family, it matters most to us.

When asked what makes us distinct, our clients tell us it is our availability and accessibility. Whether during a regular face-to-face review of your portfolio, monthly briefings, or directly responding to your queries, you’ll be up to date, informed, and educated.

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Our Team
“If our clients have any financial issues at all, we help them.”Alex Weiss, President & Wealth Manager
“We take accountability.”John P. Napolitano, Founder & CEO

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Jenn Incoming and Outgoing!

As you may already know, our beloved Jenn Kovalski is having her second child in November.  She, John and her almost 2-year-old daughter Tessa eagerly await the arrival of #2.  There is a possibility that this new child will be born on the birthday of her older sister, Tessa. Only time will tell. Effective the…

Business Meetin

Making Cents: How Close Should You Watch Your Plans?

A financial plan is just that, a plan to help attain the financial freedoms you want while taking precautions so that the unthinkable doesn’t sink your ship. This requires diligent coordination of many moving parts. Those parts are, but not limited to, cash flow, inflation, earnings, investment performance, tax laws, estate plans, insurance plans, family…

Dante Coppola, CFP®!!

I did it! I have climbed the mountain and achieved the pinnacle of my profession. I’m referring to me acquiring the Certified Financial Planner™ designation, of course. My CFP® path took almost four months of intense studying, two whole years of educational courses, course exams, and a comprehensive project, but I finally passed the CFP…

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