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The Podfather

When it comes to prepping for road trips, my dad-senses truly flourish. Well before the stated time of departure (which is strictly adhered to), the car is packed, tires are full of air, tank is full, but most importantly, the entertainment for the duration of the trip is planned. What’s the entertainment comprised of? Strictly […]


Mia and The Beast

Jordan’s buzzer-beater in the ’89 NBA championship, Tyree’s Superbowl helmet catch in ’08, Woods’ ‘05 chip-in at the Masters, my brother in-law’s surprise gift of a puppy in ’17. Arguably my four favorite ‘Hail Mary’ attempts of all time, with three out of four of them being successful. Let me explain. As I’ve led on […]


A Matter of Months

Twenty-four to thirty-six months ago I would have argued that we were in the midst of the golden age of Schulte Family vacations. We had ten fun-loving individuals all above the age of twenty-one who thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Our days were spent on the beach and our nights were spent playing games to […]

Weekend Warrior Trips

By: Thomas W. Schulte, CFP® If last summer was the Great Reopening, what do we call this? I, like the other 334 million Americans, have been on the road to visit new places with friends & family. I traveled roughly 125 miles south of Boston then 125 miles north of Boston over two weekends to […]


A Hub for Stubs

My fiancé, Khrista has the nostalgia-gene. Several times a week she’ll dig up old pictures and videos from years ago for long walks down memory lane. In a similar, but different vein, I’ve been known to be a hoarder of sentimental, tangible items. In the mid-1990’s I was given a red zippered pouch with the […]



As I’ve shared with you all before, my father and I are quite competitive. Golf and basketball are no contest in my favor, Scrabble is not a sure-thing for him anymore, and even his suffocating grasp on Progressive Rummy (or as we call it ‘Greg’s Game’) is relinquishing. His last safe haven and my final […]

Spring Is Sprung

Forgive me for potentially jumping the gun, however, I am pleased to announce that spring has officially sprung. I left my apartment without my winter jacket for the first time since October this morning and if I am reading my weather app correctly, the high temperatures for the next ten days range from 50 – […]

A Different Path

Back when I was a young pup at Napier (then US Wealth), circa fall 2016, I found myself in a bit of a tizzy. During my morning routine I received a text from Jenn (also in a tizzy) reminding me that it was Alex’s birthday. Since I had only been on the team for a […]

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