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Dante Coppola, CFP®!!

I did it! I have climbed the mountain and achieved the pinnacle of my profession. I’m referring to me acquiring the Certified Financial Planner™ designation, of course. My CFP® path took almost four months of intense studying, two whole years of educational courses, course exams, and a comprehensive project, but I finally passed the CFP…

From Financial Planning To Wedding Planning

I’m sure all of you are getting tired and bored of us constantly talking about our weddings by now. However, it is one of my biggest life events (so far) and has taken up a lot of my time and planning in the last nine months. So, here’s another, slightly different, article about planning for…

Dante Coppola

Introduction to Dante Coppola

The day has finally come. It is my time to adorn the mantle that my coworkers have done before me – joining the personal article write up rotation. To me, this is one of the final initiations as a member of the Napier Financial team. I am typically not one to drone on and on…

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